COMMITTEES                                                                                                                                        The committee members are listed in italics under the committee heading.

• Determine free health clinics throughout the State
• Procure public health statistics regarding Hispanic/Latino Health
• Create a list of Hispanic/Latino Health Care Providers
• Partner with other Hispanic/Latino health organizations


• Procure data on the educational condition of Latinos in the State
• Identify all schools with the greatest number of Latinos enrolled (k-12)
• Create Aspira Clubs at the High School level for Latino children
• Communicate with Upward Bound programs throughout the State for Latinos
• Communicate with Head Start Programs for Latinos
• Create and promote Scholarships for Latinos
• Support programs that lead to the GED
• Identify/create innovative programs in science and the arts
• Contact colleges and universities to increase Hispanic/Latino student enrollment
• Contact colleges and universities about hiring Latinos on faculty and administration 

Greg Torrales, Chair

• Become a resource for social/economic support
• Identify and communicate with all city/county Human Relations Commissions
• Identify contact sources for employment of Latinos statewide
• Create an Hispanic/Latino Chamber of Commerce Center
• Establish communication with all Latino Churches in SC
• List Latino Churches on the website

Tom Turnipseed, Chair


• Identify State and County agencies and commissions that affect Hispanics/Latinos,
such as: SC Human Rights Commission, SC Minority Affairs Commission
• Identify legislation that affects Latinos
• Communicate with Legislators
• Encourage political awareness and involvement of Latinos
• Promote voter registration drive
• Provide guidance/direction for visas and naturalization services

Tom Turnipseed, Interim Chair


• Establish programs in visual arts, theatre, cinema, dance and creative writing
• Communicate with various arts centers about including Latino programming
• Support and/or partner with other Multi-cultural/Latino arts organizations
• Support local Latino artists as a sponsoring organization

Ivan Segura, Chair

Organizational Advancement:
• Identify grant sources
• Apply for grants
• Identify State and National Foundations for funding
• Contact SC State businesses for support
• Create fund raising events

Ivan Segura, Chair

Public Relations:

• Create a SCHLC brochure
• Publish a quarterly e-newsletter
• Identify all the Latino Radio Stations, Latino Newspapers, all local TV programs
• Place Public Service Announcements

Special Events:

• Continue the Hispanic/Latino Heritage Month Luncheon Event
• Support other Hispanic/Latino Heritage Month Events Statewide
• Create an Annual Conference featuring: Health, Education, Socio-Economic &
• Political/Legal/Legislative

Membership Procurement:

• Create a Membership package
• Create a list of benefits
• Establish a membership drive campaign, both individual and corporate within each
   congressional district


• Determine the issues and areas in most need of attention and assistance in immigration matters
• Cooperate and collaborate with other organizations that are in the front lines of assisting in immigration issues and matters
• Conduct Town Hall meetings to inform the Latino community about current immigration issues and matters
• Serve as a resource for understanding government policy and legislation regarding immigration concerns and the dissemination thereof
• Collaborate with the following organizations on matters of immigrant legal justice:
   - South Carolina Appleseed Legal Justice Center
   - American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU)
• Serve to assist in immigration emergency relieve work

Website Management:

• Maintain Website
   - Structure
   - Aesthetics
   - Graphic Design
   - Content
• Post current relevant information/data/reports on Latino matters
• Inform the public about matters of importance to the Latino Community
• List resources of importance to the Hispanic/Latino Community
• Maintain a calendar of Hispanic/Latino Community events

The committee members are listed in italics under the committee heading. The President is an ex-officio member of all committees.